Vision, Mission, Philosophy

The Vancouver School of Expressive Art Therapy is a division of the Vancouver School of Bodywork & Massage.


The Vancouver School of Expressive Arts Therapy has a reputation for innovation and leading edge instruction in expressive arts therapy education. We teach holistically, drawing on both traditional wisdom and modern practices, combining experiential education with lecture-based academics and practical fieldwork. Our beautiful brick and timber loft space is in an award-winning heritage building in downtown Vancouver and is accessible by public transit from anywhere in the Lower Mainland.

Class sizes are limited, thus creating an intimate and personal environment. Instructors are of the highest calibre – masters in their field of study. The collective knowledge and experience of our faculty is astounding, but what truly sets our instructors apart is that they are people of integrity and heart. The supportive learning atmosphere at VSEAT fosters exceptionally caring and capable therapists who graduate well-equipped to make a positive contribution to the world of expressive arts therapy.


Our mission is to create a supportive learning community of excellence wherein individuals are empowered to explore their own unique potential through holistic education and practice in the healing arts.


Educational Philosophy

At the Vancouver School of Expressive Arts Therapy we are interested in creating a collaborative learning community. We seek to discover new and creative ways to shape and engage our learning in the field of expressive arts therapy and are committed to teaching and learning through the experiential, theoretical and practical application of our work.  There is value placed on flexibility, non-traditional and traditional methods of education, active and reflective models of learning, and self-directed study.

We expect that students have as much to offer in the learning process as they receive from it. Students are encouraged to develop learning goals that fit their life experiences and fulfill their dreams.

The Expressive Arts Therapy program and the people who make up our community are supported and inspired by an arts-based theory. We continue to explore the influences and the application of our work in the multiple domains of psychology, philosophy, anthropology, aesthetic theory and social change. Ours is an inclusive and interdisciplinary perspective, which places the arts and “poiesis” (the action to make) at its center. We view poiesis as a process that shapes, transforms and creates the world we live in. We aim to explore and  refine new and better ways of working congruently with these central ideas.